Things to do in Raiganj

Raiganj is a land of multiple diversions. The exciting and bounteous beauty bestowed upon this soil by nature, tourist places with beautiful rivers and dense forests, its swarming wildlife national parks and sacred sanctuaries, and cultural multiplicities are many of the reasons why Raiganj attracts tourists to it. Every traveler is amazed by its marvelous parks and gardens including its tea gardens. Its mouth-watering cuisines and street food has a quality to satisfy all.

What can you do in Raiganj?

To make your visit entertaining, Raiganj has a variety of movie theaters, bars and clubs as well. Raiganj is a city well connected with the other parts of the country through a well-organized transport system.  There are countless reasons to enjoy and have a good time in Raiganj.Let us know what all can you do here.

Dining in Hotels & Restaurants in Raiganj

As a prime tourist destination, Raiganj has some marvelous hotels that also comprise pubs and nightclubs. Tourists can enjoy a vast range of beverages and drinks, exclusive cocktails and uniquely flavored spirits at some of the exquisite hotels like Hotel Nataraj, Hotel Puspak and Hotel Harshabardhan. Apart from these exclusive hotels, the local people of Raiganj sometimes dine out in restaurants with family and friends. The Badsha Hotel and Restaurant located in the national highway of Raiganj offer variety of mouth-watering cuisines to food lovers. Some of the other prominent restaurants are Surja Laxmi Hotel & Restaurant and Rainbow Hotel & Restaurant.  For details, click here

Cinema Halls for Movie buffers in Raiganj

One of the great sources of entertainment for the local people of Raiganj is the cinema. The residents of this city flock to cinema halls to enjoy both Hindi and Bengali movies. It is the best way to relax after a hectic day. Some of the popular movie theatres in Raiganj are Geetanjali Cinema Hall and Asha Talkies

Shopping in Flea Markets of Raiganj

Cane and Bamboo CraftsRaiganj tour is not complete without indulging in some shopping. The traditional handicrafts in terracotta made by the rural artisans are the pride of Raiganj. Other unique traditional items that attract visitors are bamboo and cane crafts, wall hangings, wooden souvenirs and jute artworks. The Goshala market located in Sudarshanpur in Raiganj is popular for traditional jewelry.

Super Market is good for purchasing various electronic goods, leather and silk goods. Other popular markets of Raiganj are Debinagar Bazaar, Vivekananda Market, and Line Bazaar.

Trips and Excursions from Raiganj

Raiganj is a world-renowned tourist destination. It is known more for its Kulik Bird Sanctuary that is ranked second largest in the world. Bird lovers from all around the world visit this sanctuary every year. Thousands of different kinds of birds like egrets, cormorants, night herons and open-bill storks migrate to this sanctuary from countries of South East Asia. Visitors enjoy bird watching here. The local people often make small trips to the Raiganj Park adjacent to the Kulik Bird Sanctuary. They also go on excursions to nearby tourist places around Raiganj that serve as weekend getaways. Some of these places are Kali temple of Bindole, Jairambati Math, Lava, Faforkheti, Park of Karnajora, Museum in Karnajora, Mosque of Burhana Fakirs, Kali temple in Baira and Farm-House at Samaspur.

With abundant natural resources, flourishing trade and many cultural and religious activities, Raiganj has plenty to offer its people.
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