Raiganj Bird Sanctuary

Raiganj is well renowned for its Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located along 34 National Highway and it spans over an area of 1.30 sq km that comprises both core area of 0.14 sq km and buffer area of 1.16 Sq km. As the famous Kulik River flows beside it, this bird sanctuary is also called the Kulik Bird Sanctuary. Regarded as the one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Asia, it provides shelter to a large variety of birds.

Different species of birds migrate to this sanctuary every year. According to ornithologists of India, the number of birds visiting the bird sanctuary ranges between 70,000 and 80,000. However, a steady increase has been observed in the number of birds visiting the place. With the increasing number of migratory birds, Raiganj Bird Sanctuary is growing as a famous tourist destination.

Black crowned night heron

Wide array of Birds in Raiganj Bird Sanctuary

The Raiganj Bird Sanctuary is a temporary abode for a vast array of migratory birds that fly here from neighboring coastal areas and other countries of South Asia. These colorful birds are of different species. Some of the major ones are black crowned night heron, egrets, pond heron, cormorants, open-bill storks and Indian shag. The Asian openbill bird is the most common migratory bird. Apart from these, some of the local birds seen here include kites, drongoes, flycatchers, woodpeckers, owls, kingfishers and many more. These eye-catching birds certainly make Raiganj Bird Sanctuary a paradise for bird watchers.

Flora and Fauna in Raiganj

Simul tree

The beauty of the bird sanctuary is further enhanced by the wonderful collection of flora. Some of the exotic species of flora include kadam, jarul, eucalyptus and sisoo. Other trees that attract tourists are simul, khair, siris, akashmoni, minigiri, khadam, sal and lali. All these trees planted in the swampland on the bank of Kulik, make the sanctuary more beautiful.

Nearby Getaways from Raiganj Bird Sanctuary

The Sap Nikla forest lying near the Raiganj Bird sanctuary is a treat to nature lovers. This mixed deciduous forest has a beautiful lake. Some of the other nearby getaways from the bird sanctuary are Bhairabi temple at Bindole, Kali temple of Baira, Karnajora Park, Karnajora museum, Banabithi Resort of Barui, and the famous Farm-House of Samaspur.

Food and Accommodation near Raiganj Bird Sanctuary

The Raiganj Tourist Lodge lies adjacent to the Kulik Bird Sanctuary. Managed by WBTDC, it is regarded as the most well-equipped and popular lodge in Kulik. Tourists can walk their way to the bird sanctuary or they can even watch the birds from the roof of the lodge.

Best Time to visit Raiganj Bird Sanctuary

Early winter and late summer is the peak season for tourists in Raiganj Bird Sanctuary. This period falls between October and March.  Various kinds of migratory birds flock to this region from May end. They depart from the bird sanctuary from the mid of December.

Transport Facilities to reach Raiganj Bird Sanctuary

The Kulik Bird Sanctuary in Raiganj is well connected to other neighboring places and cities by NH34. Tourists can travel by train from Kolkata in order to reach Raiganj. Special bus tours are also conducted from Darjeeling and Kolkata for tourists. There are many travel agencies that provide cars for such tours.

The Raiganj Bird Sanctuary is an excellent destination to explore nature and enjoy bird watching. For more information on the sanctuary one can contact the below offices located in Kolkata West Bengal:

Tourism Centre (Kolkata)
Address: 3/2, B.B.D. Bag (East), Kolkata - 700 001
Phone: 033-4401-2659/2665/2243-7260
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 033-2248 5168

Tourism Department, Government of West Bengal
Address: 2, Brabourne Road, Kolkata - 700 001
Phone: 033-4401-2225/4725/2225
E-Mail:[email protected]

West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd
Address: Hemanta Bhawan, 12 B.B.D.Bag(East), 4th Floor,
Kolkata - 700 001
Phone: 033-4401-2086/2082
E-mail : [email protected],[email protected]
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