One Day Itinarary for Raiganj

Raiganj, though not a very popular tourist destination, still has some wonderful spots that draw visitors all through the year. A day spent in this small town gives a peek into the local culture of the region. Just like other towns and cities in West Bengal, this place too bears the stamp of the charming traditional Bengali way of life.

One Day in Raiganj

There are several things to do while you are here. You can start your day by visiting some of the famous tourist spots and wind up by shopping for some craft items from the local shops. In between, you can sample few delicacies at the several eateries that dot the city. A few hours in this little city is sure to be a refreshing experience for people of all age groups.

Getting to Raiganj

Raiganj is located in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal. Tourists can reach Raiganj by different means of transport. As it is well connected to nearby cities like Siliguri, Kolkata and Malda by excellent roads, you can easily hire a cab or board a bus from these places and come to Raiganj. You can also board the Radhikapur express from Kolkata station.

It is the only direct train to Raiganj. If you like to travel by bus, you can also book special bus tours that are conducted by travel agencies. Whether you travel by road or railways, on the way, you can enjoy wonderful views of lush green scenic beauty all around.

Getting around Raiganj

On reaching Raiganj, you can use cycle rickshaws or auto rickshaws for traveling in and around Raiganj. These vehicles are easily found in the local streets. However, if your budget permits, it is advisable to book a car for the entire day for a hassle-free trip.

Things to do on a one day tour to Raiganj

Here are things you can do if you visit the city for one day:

Bird Watching in Raiganj

You can start your day by visiting the most popular tourist destination is the city, Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary. Also called as Kulik Bird Sanctuary, it is Asia’s second largest bird sanctuary.  You can watch innumerable birds of different species. These colorful birds migrate from coastal regions and South Asia. If you are a bird watcher, then this place is a paradise for you. The prominent birds that you can see here are egrets, black crowned night heron, pond heron, openbill and cormorants. You can also see local birds like kites, kingfishers, drongoes and many others.

Boating in River Kuliki

BoatingWhile you are visiting the sanctuary, you can enjoy the pristine beauty of the river Kulik as well that flows beside the bird sanctuary. You can enjoy boating here with your family and friends.

The exotic flora on the riverbanks make for a lovely sight. It will take you at least 3-4 hours to visit the sanctuary and the river, and it would be lunch time by the time you finish seeing the place.

Food and Drinks

You can enjoy the traditional Bengali cuisine of Raiganj in the different restaurants. In the evening you can sample the several mouth-watering snacks found in the street stalls. Jhal muri or puffed rice accompanied with hot tea or bharer cha is a common snack here.


Post lunch, you can go shopping and check out some of the shops in the city. Raiganj is good for buying traditional handicrafts made of bamboo and terracotta. You can buy these artworks and preserve them as souvenirs. You can also buy beautiful traditional jewelery in the Goshala market.



Towards the evening, you can pay a visit Patanjali Chikitsalaya to meditate and do some yoga. If there is any tiredness and stress due to travelling, it will just vanish in the peaceful ambience of this place. 

As you head back to your hotel or the city where you arrived from in the morning, catch the sun setting for the day, and spreading its golden colors to create a beautiful evening.
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