Lifestyle in Raiganj

Raiganj is mostly populated by Bengali people. This is why their customs and way of life is reflected in the lifestyle of Raiganj. They are warm and affable and practice several rituals and festivals. The gradual rise in commercialization and migration of people from other distant places has further led to intermingling of different traditions and cultures. This has made the people aware of maintaining a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. As with the rest of the world, people here too are concerned about their looks and personality. This has led to the proliferation of many such amenities for the local people.

Lifestyle options in Raiganj

Over the few years many lifestyle options have developed in Raiganj to help the people lead a good life. There are various stores which provide branded cloths and items for the residents. Other lifestyle options like Gyms, Parlors, Yoga centers etc have also come up in the recent years for the people of Raiganj. To look and feel good some of the life style options available in Raiganj are:

Growth of Fitness Centers and Gyms in Raiganj

Gyms and Fitness Centers in Raiganj

Several health and fitness centers have cropped up in Raiganj. The most highly acclaimed gym that has brought about a revolution in fitness and health in Raiganj is the Ranit Bullet Club. It is especially known for skilled fitness instructors who provide personalized service to both men and women. These skilled trainers also prescribe fitness training module to members. Promoted by health freaks, this sports club also provides guidance on different aspects of nutrition.

Some wellness centers are also found within the hotels of the city. Some of the hotels with wellness centers are Harshabardhan, Puspak and Nataraj Hotel.

Meditation and Yoga Centers in Raiganj

Yoga Centers in Raiganj

A fit body and mind have become important requisites for healthy living. Meditation is the best method to remove all types of stress and to rejuvenate the self. The Patanjali Chikitsalaya and the Prajapata University Yoga Shikhan Center are reputed yoga centers in Raiganj. People of all age group practice yoga here under the supervision of skilled yoga experts. These centers are opened daily in the early morning hours.

Beauty Parlors and Spas in Raiganj

Beauty Parlor in Raiganj

Some of the reputed beauty parlors in Raiganj are Priyanka Beauty Parlor and Rushpa beauty parlor. As these parlors are widely known for their services, they face a heavy rush of customers during the wedding season and during festivals. Apart from beauty parlors, many luxury hotels in Raiganj have their own beauty salons and body spas to provide good in-house services to their guests. Tourists can enjoy refreshing body treatments like herbal massages and other skin care therapies in these spas.

Hair Salons in Raiganj

Many salons are available in Raiganj that offer all kinds of hair care services like hair cutting, styling, hair color, hair massage, hair spa and other kinds of hair treatments to their customers. These salons have a team of efficient hair stylists who use modern styling techniques with the help of latest equipments and gadgets. 

Raiganj has all amenities for healthy and beautiful living. Tourists too can get pampered by ancient Indian rituals like ayurvedic body massages and herbal therapies in the town.
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