Health Care in Raiganj

In Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal State lies the city of Raiganj. The city is quiet big and has many people living in it. Like every city it is very imortant that the City has a good Health Care facility to take care of the people in case of any ailments. Raiganj has Public and private hospitals, Nursing homes, yoga centers etc amongst other Health Care facilities. The Health Care centers have qualified specialist doctors to attend to the patients suffering from any disease.

List of Hospitals in  Raiganj

Hospitals in Raiganj

Raiganj has a district hospital that treat a wide range of ailments. The hospital has well-qualified and trained doctors, nurses and other medical professionals thereby ensuring that patients get the right treatment for their condition. The hospital is open all through the day and night, people can visit them any time they need any medical help. The hospital also has ambulance facilities that provide the necessary services as soon as they are contacted by the people.

Emergency Phone Number: (03523) 242409

Clinics and Nursing Homes in Raiganj

There are many Nursing Homes and Clinics in the city Raiganj. Some of the prominent ones have been listed below:

Sudha Nursing Home
Address: 15, Devi Nagar, Raiganj.
Phone: 03523-243066

Upasam Nursing Home
Address: National Highway - 34,
Raiganj - 733134
Phone: 03523-241473

Purabi Nursing Home
Address: Uttar Dinajpur, Raiganj
25-G, 733134
Phone: 03523-242060

Janata Clinic
Address: Pawan Putra Road,
Raiganj - 733134
Phone: 03523-242036

Prayas Clinic
Address: Prayas Building, 2nd Floor,
Raiganj - 733134
Phone: 03523-241237

Chetana Clinic
Address: 19, NS Road,
Mohan Bati, Raiganj - 733130
Phone: 03523-253015

Nirupon Clinic
Address: MG Road,
Raiganj - 733130
Phone: 03523-244852

Dr Mondal Clinic
Address: Prayas Building,
BC Roy Sarani Road,
Raiganj - 733134
Phone: 03523-243392

Jeevan Rekha Clinic
Tirupukul Road,
Raiganj - 733134
Phone: 03523-244069

Suchindra Medical Hall
Address: Karmuja Ghat Road,
Raiganj - 733134
Phone: 03523-255891

Dr Amitabha Bhowmick Clinic
Address: North Dinajpur, Ukilpara
Raiganj - 733134
Phone: 03523-241250

Dr Samar Chakraborty Clinic
NS Road,
Mohan Bati,
Raiganj - 733134
Phone: 03523-252246

Dr Ramakrishna Paediatric Clinic
Bidhannagar Main Road,
Raiganj - 733134
Phone: 03523-252466

The Nursing Homes and Clinics are equipped with modern and latest technologies and facilities to provide excellent care to the patients.

Psychiatrists in Raiganj

A very important part of health care is Psychiatry. Due to the fact that almost every body's life is full of pressure and stress in the 21st century, and there is a great chance of mental breakdown, it is very important that we take the help of Psychiatrists who will help us to cope with the stresses and pressures of life. Like other cities, Raiganj too has Psychiatrists to treat people suffering from varied mental ailments

Details of Psychiatrist in Raiganj
Name : Dr. Meenakshi Maitra
Address : North Bengal Medical Hall
West Bengal

Chemist Shops in Raiganj

There are several chemist shops in the city that are well stocked with an array of medicines. Patients can buy their medicines from these shops. In case the medicines are not available, the chemists can procure them from nearby Kolkata or any other place as well.

Medicine Shop

As the population of the city increases, the number of hospitals and clinics too are also on the rise. Not just people from the city, several patients from nearby villages also come to the city to get treatment. The hospitals have embraced super specialty technologies that are enabling them to offer fast, accurate and efficient services.
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