Business and Economy in Raiganj

Raiganj has a developing economy. As it has abundant natural resources like forests, the economy is mainly based on forest resources. The important sectors that contribute to revenue generation and economic growth of Raiganj are agriculture, industries and tourism. The soil in Raiganj is fertile and grows several crops. Raiganj is also famous for its Bird Sanctuary which is quiet big and one can see large variety of birds here.

Sectors which gave Raiganj Economy a Boost

Following are the sectors in which business has developed in Raiganj:

Agriculture in Raiganj

Business and Economy of Raiganj

Uttar Dinajpur has flat topography with three rivers namely Nagar, Mahananda and Kulik that form a basin in the east. This part of basin that lies between the Rajmahal hills has soil that is rich in alluvium of Pleistocene age. This region is best suited for agriculture.

As major population of Raiganj is rural, agriculture is the prime occupation of the people.  As Raiganj is situated on the banks of river Kulik, the alluvial deposits made by the waters make the soil naturally rich and fertile for cultivation of various types of crops like jute, wheat, mustard, paddy, sugarcane, mesta and vegetables.

Different kinds of paddy are grown in plenty during the kharif season. Other major crops are potato, spices and ginger. Tea plantation is also done in the northern areas. The farmers reap 2-3 crops annually. These crops not only supply domestic industries but also earn foreign exchanges. Today, Raiganj is a well renowned agricultural-trade centre and is well known for exporting jute and other crops.

Industries in Raiganj

Raiganj Industries

As Raiganj has an agricultural based economy, very few industries are seen here. The major industries that are prevalent here are the wood-based ones like saw mill industries, veneer and plywood making industries. There are many deciduous forests that play an important role in providing raw materials like timber and firewood to these industries.

Firewood is a major component of exports in Raiganj. Some cottage scale industries also specialize in firewood and timber products. The handicrafts manufactured not only serve domestic purposes but also get exported to other countries. Besides giving employment to the rural population, all these industries contribute to the economical growth of Raiganj. 

Tourism in Raiganj

Bird Sanctuary

It is a major source of revenue. Raiganj is famous for its Wildlife Sanctuary also known as Bird Sanctuary that is the second largest in Asia. It is situated on the national highway and beside the Kulik river. The forest, river along with the water bodies attract various types of migratory birds like night heron, open bill stork, cormorant and egrets from coastal regions and South Asian countries. They arrive here between the last week of May and the first week of July.

These birds generally depart by the end of January. Native birds like bulbul, flycatchers, dove, kites, sparrow, woodpeckers, king fisher, owl, cuckoo and duck can also be found in large numbers. Tourists from all over the world arrive here to watch these colorful birds. The Raiganj Kulik Park that overlooks the Wildlife Sanctuary is also filled with tourists especially from November to February.

Development Measures taken in Raiganj

The government of West Bengal has taken several measures to develop Raiganj.  The social forestry project was initiated by the government to bring all types of fallow land under government forest area. These areas have been utilized for plantation and making of canals and embankments. More developmental projects are underway which are sure to give a boost to the economy of the region.
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